Hong Kong Special!

Well hello there! Long time, no see.

I admit I haven’t been paying attention to this blog lately. You have to forgive me for that, after all, it did start off as a mandatory school project.

Anyway, I recently studied abroad in Hong Kong and I thought it would be cool to post up some pictures of Hong Kong package designs as well as quick debriefing on their culture. I’ve also included some random photos from my trip…that’s if you would like to see them. Not forcing you.


A Very Quick Hong Kong 101

Given this site is about package design, I won’t go into all of my crazy, fun experiences in Hong Kong. However, I do think it would be useful and valuable to briefly point out some things about Hong Kong’s culture. Here it is:

  • Hong Kong was once under British rule until 1997, when it was given back to China.
  • As of now, Hong Kong follows the principle of “one country, two systems”.
  • Hong Kong is not communist.
  • The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English (given prior British rule). In terms of specific Chinese sub-dialects, the people of Hong Kong speak Cantonese while mainland China speak Mandarin.
  • The Hong Kong locals are proud of their language and culture. They prefer to be identified as Hong Kongers instead of Chinese.
  • Locals are friendly!
  • Locals are also busy, especially on the Mass Transit Railway or MTR. It’s all very hustle and bustle.

Now for Package Designs and Point-of-Sales!

The package designs, as I’ve noticed in most asian cultures, are so “cutesy”, bright and colorful. This also applies to their point-of-sales and decor.

Seriously, I’ve encountered so many exquisitely designed stores that I feel I just need to take a picture of them. No joke. My friends and I were pulled into so many stores in the MTR stations alone.

I could go on and on…but here are some pictures instead. I wish I would’ve taken more but I was too focused on taking pictures of attractions and such.

A cute fashion store in the MTR station.

A cute bakery found in the subway station or MTR.

A gaming arcade in a Hong Kong shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

A point-of-sales for a store in the same shopping mall in the previous picture. Love the “cutesy” element here with the penguins.

I went to a tea ceremony and this is the product packaging of the delicious tea (it blooms!) they were serving. It was so elegantly set up, just like the ceremony itself.

Drink display in a grocery store. I love the East meets West here.

The package design of these bags of chips are….so darn cute. Guess that’s the point.

Beverage section in a local grocery store in Hong Kong.


Random Photos From My Trip

Thanks for checking out my post and noooow, here are some memories from my trip in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Noah’s Ark on Park Island. A place so lovely even couples were getting their wedding pictures shot there!

10,000 Buddha Monastery. Although, I got scammed here by some fake monks (long story) and acted as candy for mosquitoes –  it was a lovely experience.

Crystal Cabin ride on Lantau Island! The bottom is made of glass and you can enjoy the cable car ride while pretending you’re falling out! Fun experience.


Big Buddha. Enough said…it’s a huge Buddha.

Pagoda at the beautiful Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill Station.



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