Honest Company’s Honest Package Design

Anyone heard of The Honest Company?

Honest Company Package

I first heard about through social media, specifically Facebook. I have Jessica Alba as a friend and so I eventually heard about it because she is the founder of this new eco-friendly company. According to some of the bios I’ve read, she started the company as a result of her frustration in finding safe products free from dangerous chemicals for her own children. The result was the Honest Company, an eco-friendly line of home and baby products that are plant based and stylish.

Since I’m trying to become more environmentally-friendly as well as purchasing organic or natural products, I decided to try out the Honest Company. A month ago I purchased their discovery kit called “The Family Essentials Bundle”  and fell in love with their product packaging.

It’s very clean, fresh and modern. The design aesthetics lean more toward women, but that’s not surprising as I assume their primary target market are young mothers. Anyway, I really liked how the packaging itself feels more personal and by that I mean it’s not your standard Amazon.com box. How can I say it? It’s very…pretty?

Forgive the lighting

The Honest Company has taken a standard brown cardboard box and transformed it into something someone will be excited to open, like an early birthday present. The outside of the box has blue designs and on the bottom – and I don’t think too many notice this – it has a cute, environmental message about reusing the package itself as a gift box (or something more nifty). I thought that was nice and strengthened The Honest Company’s image of being an environmentally-friendly (yet fashionable) business.

What I especially liked was the pop of color inside the packaging and flap that opens up to the trial products themselves – very nifty. I never got to take a picture, but each little pocket where the product goes has a label with the item’s name. The products themselves have a green feel to them in terms of design and unify the image of being safe from harmful chemicals and being “honest”. Actually, every product has the word honest attached to the front like “Honest Hand Soap” or “Honest Laundry Detergent”.

All in all, I was really impressed with their product packaging. If you’re interested for an actual review of how well the products work check out the review I wrote for GreenAnswers.com at: http://greenanswers.com/blog/275885/honest-thoughts-and-honest-company.

Pictures of the Packaging


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