Korean Packaging

Recently,  I went to a Korean supermarket with my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the different types of package design incorporated on the products. Naturally I took pictures for Box Me Up & Ship Me Out. Check them out and my evaluation of the packaging.


Through the Shopping Aisle

||Meiji Hello Panda||

What is it?: Chocolate biscuits

Packaging: Very “cutesy” design aesthetically with the use of cartoon pandas.  The box is shaped like a rectangular-hexagon – very different from the regular smooth cylinders I’m used to holding. The design seems to scream more “hard-sell” to me. It’s also very bright.


[Packet of Gum]

What is it?: Gum 🙂

Packaging: My favorite aspect of this packaging is the incorporation of the red tape and green (what I’m pulling in the photo above). The tape makes the package easy to open and it’s also on the individual packets of gum! Very nice detail in the packaging. Me gusta.


[Packet of Gum]

What is it?: A duster!

Packaging: One of my favorites. The packaging itself makes this otherwise forgettable product really stand out. I love how they incorporated eyes in the clear packaging. Again there’s really bright colors and a “hard-sell” approach with the use of typography.



What is it?: Gloves! For cleaning!

Packaging: The packaging uses bright colors again. I notice the use of “cutesy” animals is becoming a theme here with the dress-wearing beaver (it’s a beaver right?).



What is it?: Trap-A-Roach – it kills roaches

Packaging: Typography seems kind of vintage to me. The whole design of the box looks eerily similar to a board game to me…if you ignore the roaches. There’s also another cartoon feel with the use of the roaches as well.


[Cheese sticks]

What is it?: Cheese sticks!

Packaging: In a clear and plastic cylindrical packaging. Bright colors again. Large and bubbly typography. The use of cute and healthy cartoon children.


[Choco Boy]

What is it?: Chocolate biscuits shaped like mushrooms!

Packaging: First thing that is noticeable is the use of cartoon iconography again with the mushrooms and the mushroom boy. Lots of bright colors too and little to no white space. Packaging is a cardboard box.



What is it?: Strawberry dipped biscuits. Very popular.

Packaging: There is hardly any white space present (actually it’s just in the title). Image of the product is the main focus. The color pink and red is highly emphasized to correlate with the strawberry flavor. This seems more a “soft-sell” to me compared to the other previous packaging.


[Uhm…I forgot what this was]

What is it?: I think they’re straws…I think

Packaging: In a clear packaging. Not much bright colors. In fact the colors are more mellow and saturated. There is also, again, the use of an animal cartoon character (the hippo) doing human “things”.


My Final Thoughts

After reviewing what I saw in the supermarket that day I’ve come to notice some patterns:

A) The use of cartoon animals/children

B) Bright colors

C) The “cutesy” element

D) Little to no white space

E) A “hard-sell” approach with the typography

It’s definitely a change from the type of packaging (in terms of design elements) I’m used to seeing, say, in H-E-B or CVS. I’m used to seeing packaging with lots of white space, “sleek” and modern designs, more an emphasis on brand identity, etc. However, I like the approach to the Korean packaging. I’m a fan of the “cutesy” elements in design and I like that their packaging is so easy to open (or has neat openings).



***none this time,  purely my observations


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