We’ve all heard of go-gurts – Yoplait’s infamous yogurt-on-the-go for children.  It’s marketed toward the type of children who are active and can’t afford to sit around and eat yogurt with a spoon.

Because they are too cool for that.

Anyway, for today’s blog I will be investigating as well as analyzing the package designs of some pretty familiar products. However, these products won’t be heavily endorsing a type of brand image like perfumes. Instead the package design of these products (while they are still parity products) are more for function.


On-the-Go Products!

|Yoplait’s Go-gurts|

What is it?: A portable yogurt marketed toward young children who are active.

Package Design: Structurally, it’s a long thin tube. At the very top there is a line that indicates for the buyer to cut it. Whether you use scissors or your teeth is up to personal preference.

For the aesthetic design of the packaging, what Yoplait does is incorporate spokespeople that would appeal to young children. For the pictures provided here it was Shrek 2 and what they did was add little games on the packaging of the Go-gurt to further promote the movie.


|Kraft’s Crystal Lights|

What is it?: A portable drink mix for water.

Package Design: Each packet holds 0.06-oz or 0.31-oz of the drink mix. It’s easily opened at the top where there is sign that says “Tear Across”. The opening is small enough that it allows you to not make a huge mess when you pour it into your drink.

Aesthetically, the drink mix packets are quite simple. They incorporate white space, which evokes a clean feeling, and show a picture of the flavor in color. The brand name sticks out and right below it is the flavor name. The rest of the text on the package is just information. All in all, there’s nothing really special about this package design.


|Orgain Incorporated’s Orgain|

What is it?: A ready-to-drink meal replacement formulated to be the “healthiest drink in the world” by a practicing physician and surviving cancer patient named Dr. Andrew Abraham (“Foodprocessing.com”).

Package Design: Each package contains 11-oz or 330-mL of either “Creamy Chocolate Fudge” or “Sweet Vanilla Bean”. The package itself is eco-friendly and is made of recyclable Tetra Pak (“Foodprocessing.com”). The shape of it is kind boxy and kind of curved at the middle to make it more comfortable to hold. It’s opened from the top with an easy to open cap that re-closes.

An important aspect of the package is the fact that it has the USDA Certified Organic seal at the bottom left – which tells the buyer that this product is truly organic.

Aesthetically, the package design evokes a clean and natural feeling. Furthermore, the use of white space and neutral colors brings out the simplicity of the product.


|Kraft’s Easy Mac|

What is it?: Kraft’s macaroni and cheese in a cup! It’s quite popular with college students.

Package Design: It’s designed to be like a bowl…so you can eat from it naturally. The package of it is sturdy enough to be microwaved. It can be opened from the top by pulling the thin cover up. The packet of cheese lies inside. It can only make one serving.

Aesthetically, there’s is a lot of yellow and blue. In fact, the packaging colors is very similar to the box version of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese. However, unlike the box version, Easy Mac doesn’t have the usual promotion of spokespeople like Scooby Doo on the cover. Easy Mac’s packaging just remains the same.


|Betty Crocker’s Warm Delights|

What is it?: Deserts that are microwavable and you can take with you.

Package Design: The dessert itself is in a small black bowl that can be microwaved. Not water or powder needs to be added – just pop it in the microwave after you remove the thin plastic seal.  🙂 The yellow cardboard around the bowl does nothing special except serve as rack holder while advertising the product.

Aesthetically, the package design of this product appeals a lot to your stomach. On the front of each package is picture of the how the product will look like after it’s been cooked – and each looks pretty appetizing. The primary colors are gold and red – which are warm colors that can be linked to fire. So…it goes with the brand of this product. You know, Warm Delights?



What is it?: An eco-friendly lamp that eliminates packaging (in a sense).

Package Design: Designed by Knoend, a design studio in San Francisco. It’s a very interesting package design. You see when the lamp is assembled, the packaging itself acts as the shade for the light bulb. It’s designed to be versatile for the user to be either a pendant or a table lamp. The packaging is modern and simple. It also strikes me as having an understated elegance.

Materials used are: Recyclable Polypropylene Shades, 7 W CFL light bulb,
standard electric cord and socket, recycled paper label and manual,
hemp twine for assembly (The Dieline).



What is it?: CrushPak is a revolutionary new package that enables consumers to enjoy their favorite foods on the go, without a utensil and without mess (Crushpak.com)

Package Design: It has an accordion-like design that allows consumers to eat their product (which can range from yogurt to sauces) without a utensil. Plus, it uses less plastic than the traditional packaging you find in stores!

***visit Crushpak: http://www.crushpak.com/


|Top Paw|

What is it?: Petsmart’s new portable dog food to create an easier experience for people who travel with their dog.

Package Design: The packaging of Top Paw serves a kind of dual packaging since it can be both a food holder (for lack of better words) and food bowl. The opening’s incline allows the consumer to feasibly pour the dog food without spilling it all over the place – which comes in handy if he or she is traveling. Plus, the opening  is large enough for the dog to eat comfortably from. However, it’s not  too large where the dog can eat as much as he wants. It’s a good balance.

In terms of design, the packaging is simple. Each container has a different color scheme and dog representative to highlight that certain packages are for certain dogs (i.e. the blue box is for puppies and the green box is for adult dogs). and looks environmentally friendly as well.  The material is made of cardboard.




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