Organic Packaging

I’ve taken notice recently that the packaging of organic products is so well-designed and often beautiful aesthetically. Not only that, but the actual packaging and product are usually eco-friendly for our Earth.

Brian Hoff from The Design Cubicle said the following about organic packaging:

The bold graphics, stylish text and use of organic materials to package the products really catches the eye – all wonderful! This type of packing really makes you want to pick up the product, touch it and analyze the beauty of the packaging – and more importantly it really makes me want to purchase the product” (2009)

Some might say organic companies take special care in their packing becauSo for today’s blog I’ll be showcasing some organic product packaging, rating and evaluating said package design for fun.

So today I’ll be looking into the aesthetics of the package design and evaluate if they embody the desired message.


Plum Organics Baby Food

|Plum Organics|

What is it: Designed by Brand Engine, Plum Organics is a new brand that was built from the ground up. It is a line of frozen organic baby food.

Package Design (Aesthetically): The Dieline finds this design to be “wholesome, approachable, and fresh”.

What’s the Message?: “We believe that introducing babies to real food with delightful tastes and pure ingredients as early as possible, can create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating” (Plum)

Bottom Line: Package design suits the message of Plum. There’s an organic feel to it with the colors, typography and simplicity.

Personal liking: 6


Daylesford Organics: Packaging

|Daylesford Organic|

What is it: From an organic farm in England called Daylesford. Designed by Teresa Roviras (Dieline).

Package Design (Aesthetically): It’s elegant, rustic and romantic to me.

What’s the Message?: “Straight from our farm to your fork” = tagline. “We are passionate about organic farming: we believe that it is better for us, our animals, the environment, and of course it always tastes better…” (Daylesford Organic)

Bottom Line: I think you really get the feel of Daylesford’s passion for organic food as well as their country charm. The incorporation of the hearts in all their products unifies the message that they care about you, the animals and the Earth. Plus, to me they stand out from other organic packaging because of the their refined elegance in packaging.

Personal liking: 8


|Found Organic|

Found Organic's Fruit Beverages

What is it: Organic fruit beverage made by Australia’s Found Organic (Dieline).

Package Design (Aesthetically): According to Found Organic’s co-founder, Mark de Luca, the concept in their case is that “Found has nothing to hide, there is no ‘back or front’ so from any angle the logo and all info can be seen” (Dieline).

What’s the Message?: Tagline = “End of Artificial”. “The FOUND brand has moved away from the earthy, organic category conventions and made organic modern and mainstream – the way it is becoming already.So, no more tree leaves and soil, nothing niche, nothing hippy.” (Found)

Bottom Line: Found states on its website it wants to move away from that organic feel and be modern. I think they have accomplished this in their packaging. The contour of the glass bottles is definitely unique and the design of it strikes as me as fun, carefree, playful and modern.

Personal liking: 8

Found Organic's box packaging of their fruit beverages


|Organic Eggs|

Organic Eggs Concept Package Design

What is it: This isn’t a real product! This is just a concept package design made by Lindsey Faye Sherman – if you want to check out her other amazing work check out her website: (Dieline). Obviously the concept is for eggs.

Package Design (Aesthetically): She has said: “Reintroducing a classic packaging concept, I designed an egg carton container engineered for maximum storage, usability and
protection of the stored product. Equipped with individually
perforated cups this container will allow you to store and travel
with your eggs with ease (Dieline).”

Personal Liking: 9


|Pangea Organics|

Pangea Organic's personal care product line

What is it: An organic personal care product line by Pangea Organic.

Package Design: It’s organic and modern. Yet, with a down-to-earth feel. Appears masculine to me.

What’s the Message?: Tagline: “Ecocentric Bodycare: Always Beneficial,  Never Artificial”. “Pangea Organics was founded on the principle belief that together, we can create a new, more sustainable future. We, for example, have chosen to help do so one bottle, bar and jar at a time…” (Pangea Organics)

Bottom Line: It definitely has an organic feel to it. While their message may not be apparent at first from the packaging (at first glance),  the products are all eco-friendly for our environment. Plus,  certain products like the one featured below can actually grow trees! So, yes, their message resonates nicely with their packaging.

Personal Liking: 7


|Origins Organics|

Origin's Organics product line of personal care items

What is it: Another personal care product line. It’s by Origin’s Organics.

Package Design (Aesthetically): I see it as contemporary, fresh and clean.

What’s the Message?: “Our mission at Origins is to create high-performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science.”

Bottom Line: The packaging of the products has an organic feel to it with the use of predominate white space and the color green. Also, the packaging reminds me of something you would buy in a department store rather than, say, H-E-B. So I can see how the message fits the package design. However, I don’t think it resonates strongly.

Personal Liking: 7


|Organic Drop|

Organic Drop's line of cleaning products

What is it: An ecological cleaning detergents called Organic Drop.
It’s a full range of cleaning products that are completely organic,
hypoallergenic and serve the same functions as any other traditional household
product (Dieline).

Package Design (Aesthetically): Modern. Playful. Designed by Brandy Design (  from Warsaw. The packaging itself is also eco-friendly 🙂

What’s the Message?: Unfortunately, I couldn’t get their mission statement/message/belief. However, I know the agency who designed it, Brandy Design, wanted to highlight immaculate cleanilness.

Bottom Line: It doesn’t scream organic at first. However, you do get the feeling of organization and order with the use of typography. So I think the highlighiting of cleanliness was done well in this package design.

Personal Liking: 8


|Nostalgia Organics|

Nostagia Organics personal care products

What is it: Made by Nostalgia Organics. The products are primarily body washes.

Package Design (Aesthetically): The founder and designer of Nostalgia Organics describes her package design as the following: Nostalgia is inspired by my childhood and time spent in my grandmother’s homespun world…the packaging to be playful and cheery with a dose of old-fashioned charm. It is also a priority for the packaging to be eco-friendly, whenever possible (Dieline).”

What’s the Message?: “The simple, natural pleasures. Taking time to laugh with our children, nurture friendships and watch a butterfly’s erratic flight. Enjoy a warm cup of honey tea and give thanks to all the beautiful things around us.” AND “. We want to do our part to make people happy and healthy and to make the earth a better place. So we do it through nurturing, artisan beauty”

Bottom Line: I think the packaging fully embraces what Nostalgia Organic believes in. Their is something whimsical about how the typography, colors, trimmings and floral background comes together in the end.

Personal Liking: 8




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