Easter :)

It’s already March! Time sure does fly doesn’t it?

So…you maybe wondering why there’s a picture of Easter eggs when it’s not even April yet. Well, that’s because I went to H-E-B just yesterday and found myself bombarded with Easter holiday goodies! So for today’s blog I’ll be investigating and analyzing the package designs of some popular Easter products that I saw.


Easter Package Designs

|Easter Eggs|

My friend Melissa browsing around the wall of Easter eggs

Package Design(s): Easter eggs are almost always shaped like…well…eggs. They’re usually in pastel or the colors blue, pink, yellow, green or purple. Or sometimes they’re covered in glitter or metallic colors.

However, sometimes we’re thrown a curve-ball. Sometimes we get that purple cow. As seen in the picture below there amongst the regular Easter eggs we see two packages in the shape of a bumblebee and Spiderman.

More Easter eggs. Notice the Spiderman shaped ones at the bottom left. Also check out the bumble-bee shaped ones.



|Easter Baskets|

Easter Baskets!

More baskets.

Package Design: Easter baskets are a little more creative. There are some rare people who will make there own, but most people (like me) will just buy theirs ready-made.

First, you will have your regular plastic baskets that often have cartoon characters like Spongebob, Spiderman, Disney princess’, Toy Story or Hello Kitty. These kind of remind me of buckets and Halloween baskets rather than Easter ones though. However, I understand the need for the sturdy plastic in its design since these are aimed more at children.

Second, you will find the regular woven baskets (as seen in row two of the picture from above). The design of these is more authentic of Easter since it’s an actual basket. These are more colorful and appear to be more feminine with the incorporation of bows and cloth on some. In other words, these baskets are really girly. Unfortunately, these aren’t as sturdy as the plastic ones. However, they are prettier.



Egg-shaped Jelly Beans by Sweetarts

A giant chocolate bunny my friend is holding

Package Design: Since it’s Easter you know the candy companies are going to be milking this holiday for all it’s worth. Even more so than Valentine’s Day in my opinion, I mean think of all children!

Anyway, I noticed a lot of popular icons of Easter incorporated into candy – such as: rabbits, ducks and eggs. Take the above picture as an example. Sweetarts molded their jelly beans into an oval shape that looks strikingly like eggs. Then look at the image to the left. It’s a huuuge and expensive chocolate bunny. Now look at Image 3, it’s a duck. A very cute duck sitting on mountain of jelly beans. This package design of this one makes for a nice gift to a friend since they can keep the duck as a memento and then eat the jelly beans. Next, the last picture is one of candy necklace and I really like the package design of this one. It’s pretty unique since it uses the packaging to make the candy necklaces look like the rabbit’s long legs. Neat, huh? I’ll give it a purple cow status since it stands out to me.

Image 3: A duck on top of a clear plastic container of jelly beans

Candy Necklace



[None this time, it was purely my observations]


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